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The Emory Facilities and Resources Boilerplate Language Library is a centralized resource of up-to-date, reviewed language describing research and academic resources available at Emory for faculty, staff and trainees. The primary intent of this resource is to provide reference template language to be used and personalized for writing grant proposals, progress reports and other documents that need to highlight Emory's institutional environment. 

Users of the Emory Facilities and Resources Boilerplate Language Library can browse and search through categories and individual sections of language, and view their content. After login into the application using their Emory credentials, users can create and save custom lists for their particular purpose by selecting and ordering template sections available. Users can then preview the assembled list of sections and eventually download a word document generated from their selection. Intended users are investigators and other grant proposal or progress report writers. 

As indicated as a disclaimer, a word document is generated from the specific language section(s) that the user selected from the Emory Facilities and Resources Boilerplate Language Library. Investigators and other grant proposal or progress report writers should use this document as a starting template and should personalize its content to incorporate and highlight unique aspects of their own research environment, expertise and experience, in order to provide a compelling and competitive narrative for the reviewers of their grant proposal or progress report.

Administrative users ("content owners") of the Emory Facilities and Resources Boilerplate Language Library are institutional unit administrators identified to maintain one or more categories of language and their associated sections. Content owners have access to the administrative portal of the application to create and update sections of language in a content editor, and associate them to searchable categories. This level of access is needed to include additional sections of language into the Library and only requires a few simple onboarding steps provided by Libraries and IT Services upon request at http://it.emory.edu/help.

Emory Office of Information Technology (OIT) maintains the Emory Facilities and Resources Boilerplate Language Library application. Issues and requests not related to specific template language should be reported through http://it.emory.edu/help. Questions about a specific template language section should be submitted to its associated content owner using the contact information listed in the template section.