Center for System Imaging Core
Last Updated: July 01, 2022

The Center for Systems Imaging Core (CSIC) is a cross-disciplinary scientific, administrative, and educational home for imaging science at Emory University. The mission of CSIC is to help investigators in the Emory and Greater Georgia research community utilize state-of-art human and animal imaging technologies in their research. CSIC also supports the advancement of scientific research focused on the development of imaging biomarkers and serves to build interdisciplinary educational symposia and training programs.

The major imaging equipment housed at CSIC include a State licensed radiochemistry lab, a 11MeV Eclipse cyclotron, three 3T MRI Prisma scanners and one 3T MRI Skyra scanner, a PET/MRI (3T) scanner, a HRRT human brain PET system, a XCT 2000 (qCT) scanner, an Inveon micro PET-CT system, and a small animal imaging 9.4T MRI scanner.


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