Emory Healthcare Addiction Services
Last Updated: January 28, 2020

The Emory Healthcare Addiction Services is located at the Brain Health Center at the Executive Park site of Emory Healthcare. As a part of the Emory Healthcare Network, the Brain Health Center brings together more than 400 researchers and clinicians specializing in neurology, psychiatry and behavioral sciences, neurosurgery, rehabilitation medicine, and sleep medicine to more rapidly predict, prevent, treat, and cure devastating diseases and disorders of the brain. The building also holds more than 20 centers and programs including the Child and Adolescent Mood Program, Epilepsy Center, Pituitary Center, Stroke Center, Treatment Resistant Depression Program, and Veterans Program. The facility has fully equipped clinical laboratories and ancillary services, as well as a transcranial magnetic stimulation machine (model MagVenture MagPro X100 with sham coil). The facility is capable of running transcranial magnetic stimulation and urine drug screens on site. The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences will provide administrative and computer support.

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