Emory Cellular and Immunotherapy Core (ExCITE) - MAJOR EQUIPMENT
Last Updated: October 14, 2020


Updated 1 September 2020


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The Emory Cellular and Immunotherapy Core (ExCITE), one of the Emory Integrated Core Facilities (EICF), is a 300 square feet ISO7 clean room located on the 5th floor of the Emory University Hospital with dedicated space for GMP compliant cell processing. Two laminar flow hoods (Nuaire) and 6 CO2 incubators are also located within the space. The infrastructure includes equipment necessary for cell processing including a Cobe 2991 cell washer, a centrifuge, a light microscope and phase microscope, rocking platforms, digital vortex mixer and sealers. Other specific equipment include:

Sysmex XE-2100L: The Sysmex XE-2100L Analyzer is a quantitative automated hematology analyzer for in vitro diagnostic use in clinical laboratory for determining hematological parameters such as WBC, RBC’s, nucleated RBC’s, HCT, HG, immature cells scattergram, pattern data of cell size distribution curves for platelet, 23 analysis parameters, and research data of 4 parameters.

Aero Trak-9510: Aero Trak-9510 Airborne Particle Counter is an instrument that detects and counts physical particles present in the air. Aerosol particle counters are used to determine the air quality by counting and sizing the number of particles in the air. This information is useful in determining the amount of particles inside a building or in the ambient air. It is also useful in understanding the cleaning level in a controlled environment such as a cleanroom.

CliniMACS Plus: CliniMACS Plus instrument is an automated cell separation system based on MACS technology. It enables the operator to perform clinical scale magnetic enrichment of target cells or depletion of unwanted cells in a closed and sterile system.

Cellometer Auto2000: A digital cell counter and viability instrument.

Equipment located outside the GMP space:

Flow Cytometry: The ExCITE has a dedicated 8-color FACS Canto II Flow Cytometer that have automated loading racks to facilitate high through-put analyses of samples.

Additional ExCITE equipment include: 1 biologic safety cabinet, -20 and -80 C freezers, ELISA plate washer and reader.

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