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Last Updated: April 24, 2023


Update: April 2023


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The Emory Mouse Transgenic and Gene Targeting Core (https://www.cores.emory.edu/tmc/) provides state-of-the-art equipment and expertise for making genetically engineered mouse models, moving alleles on or off campus, or cryopreserving existing strains of mice.

Laboratory:    The Mouse Transgenic and Gene Targeting Core Facility (TMF) is located on the ground floor of Emory Health Sciences Research Building and occupies laboratories EG41 and EG42. The EG42 space includes a fully equipped tissue culture suite dedicated to embryonic stem (ES) cell culture, embryology laboratory, microinjection/embryo manipulation space, and surgical suite.  The EG41 room includes molecular biology space, and cryopreserved embryo/sperm archival space. The animal holding/breeding room is located in EG57 is part of the animal facility and is operated by the Division of Animal Resources (DAR) as detailed below.

 In total, the core facility is fully equipped to perform all experimental procedures associated with the production of gene edited mice, (see major equipment listed below). In addition, the core facility has research space and equipment to assist laboratories with auxiliary procedures for the production and analysis of transgenic and gene targeted mice. These include rederivation and cryopreservation services, and custom mouse needs.

 Clinical:  N/A

Animal:  The animal facility is located on the ground floor of the Health Sciences Research Building (HSRB). All the mice used by the core for the production of gene edited mice are housed in this facility.  It is managed by the Emory University Division of Animal Resources (DAR) in strict compliance with the standards and policies of the Public Health Service. Mice are housed in the ventilated auto-water caging system and are changed under laminar flow hoods. The DAR staff is responsible for daily care of the animals as well as health monitoring and surveillance. The DAR also maintains vigorous quarantine and sentinel programs.

Computer:  The TMF Core facility staff has personal computer workstations that support their core activities.

Office:  The TMF has 100 sq ft of dedicated office on the 1st floor of the Health Sciences Research Building, which provides for meeting customers, and TMF team meetings. Dedicated work space for TMF staff is also located in HSRB animal facility.

Other:  N/A



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