Emory-Children's Center (ECC)
Last Updated: June 21, 2023

Emory-Children’s Center (ECC) was constructed in 2004 and is designed for optimal performance of modern biomedical research. This facility is a five-story building that includes 64,500 square feet of research space, an active pediatric subspecialty clinic on floor one staffed by Emory faculty physicians and operated by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and a 12,500 square foot small animal vivarium in the basement. The ECC building is occupied by the Emory Department of Pediatrics with first floor clinic space leased to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Department of Pediatrics faculty are actively involved with pediatric clinical care, teaching, research and child advocacy efforts throughout the building and the physicians and staff of Emory-Children’s Center are developing critical research programs across a variety of child health-related areas. The ECC building is physically connected to the Health Sciences Research Building via a functional two-story bridge.

BSL-2E Laboratory, 5th Floor

This specialized facility is a total of 498 sq ft of dedicated laboratory space. It has directional airflow and is HEPA filtered but not to BSL-3 standards. It also includes self closing doors, hands free sinks and a 75 sq ft anteroom for donning/doffing PPE. The dedicated lab procedure room space is equipped with the following:

                5 x Class 2 A2 Biosafety cabinets

                6 x CO2 incubators

                1 x -80C freezer

                1 x -20/4C freezer/fridge combo

                1 x 90K optima Beckman ultra centrifuge

                1 x Allegra X14R Beckman table top centrifuge

                1 x pass through autoclave

                1 x 18ohm water (RO tank system that feeds into a MilliQ system)


 ECC Animal Space

An IACUC-approved 12,500 square foot small animal vivarium is located in the basement of the ECC building. Housing is available for rodents and Xenopus. The facility is managed by professional staff of the Emory Division of Animal Research (DAR). Veterinary services with DAR include vendor surveillance, quarantine and isolation, preventive medicine, daily observation, treatment and intervention for injury or illness, health evaluations of sentinel animals, necropsy, histopathology, parasitology, microbiology, serology, hematology and blood chemistries. Veterinarians and care staff are available for consultation on routine and special procedures, and are on-call after work hours and on holidays. Investigators using rodents of higher health standard than the convention for the campus use the HSRB animal research facility immediately across the street and accessible by bridge.

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