Children's Healthcare of Atlanta: Pediatric Clinical Research Unit (PCRU)
Last Updated: June 21, 2023

The Pediatric Clinical Research Unit (PCRU) provides the space and infrastructure for pediatric researchers to conduct innovative research to treat childhood illnesses and injuries, giving children and their families an opportunity to take part in leading-edge clinical trials.

Located on the fifth floor of the Center for Advanced Pediatrics (CAP), the PCRU provides 4,237 square feet of clinical research space. The outpatient clinical research unit includes six private rooms; three with beds, one with an exam table and two with infusion chairs. All have the capacity for full cardiorespiratory and vital sign monitoring. There is also an observation room with two chairs and an intake room equipped with a stadiometer, infant through adolescent scales and vital signs equipment. There is a nurse’s office and an open work station with ten computers available for coordinator and investigator use along with a registration area. Additionally, there is a large supply storage area, family nourishment room, soiled utility room, large medical records space and small conference room. Within CAP, there is also a café, beautiful outdoor gardens, and wireless internet access. 

The PCRU at CAP offers access to many of Children’s clinical services and departments, including radiology, EKGs, and a clinical laboratory for research only resulting and research lab processing. 

A dedicated and fully equipped Investigational Drug Services (IDS) office covers 672 square feet within the PCRU and is staffed by a research pharmacist and pharmacy tech. The IDS includes an anteroom and a hazardous medical prep room as well as ample storage for current and future trials. 

The PCRU staffs trained research nurses to perform medication administration, intravenous access and port access, vital signs monitoring and assessment, phlebotomy and other timed specimen collections including Pharmacokinetics Studies (PK) studies and oral glucose tolerance tests (OGTT).

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