Department of Pediatrics
Last Updated: June 21, 2023

The Emory Department of Pediatrics currently includes 255 faculty conducting research, 178 of whom are extramurally funded with over 450 extramurally funded research projects (grants and contracts). Growth in extramural research funding for the department has been on a considerable trajectory. In 2005, the Department of Pediatrics had just 193 total faculty members and reported approximately $10 million in extramural funding. By the end of fiscal year 2020, the faculty members in the DOP topped out at 498 and research funding levels were at $111.8 million in total funding and $80 million in NIH funding, which allowed them to achieve a #1 ranking in 2020 NIH rankings for Departments of Pediatrics. In Fiscal Year 2022, the DOP ranked No. 1 again, bringing in $77 million in NIH grant funding, with a total of $111 million in extramural funding. 2022 Of note, research grants in the Emory Department of Pediatrics are only a part of the overall research enterprise in child health at Emory.All child health related research funding at Emory University in FY22 was over $194M, which comprises about 21% of the entire Emory University funding portfolio.

 In addition to $77 million in NIH grant funding that led to the No. 1 ranking, more than 2,200 publications in more than 1,000 journals in the same period helped support groundbreaking efforts to develop new treatments or cures in 50 specialty areas.

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