Last Updated: February 04, 2020

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging is located on the ground floor of Emory University Hospital Midtown and houses advanced imaging equipment for SPECT and SPECT/CT. A second facility on the 8th Floor of the Medical Office Tower houses PET/CT imaging. The nuclear medicine area includes radiopharmacy, a patient preparation room, and three scan rooms. The PET/CT suite includes two patient preparation rooms.

Image processing workstations include:

3 dual-detector SPECT cameras equipped with Low Energy High Resolution, Medium Energy and High Energy collimation:

1. GE Infinia (~2006, also has pinhole collimation for high-resolution planar imaging)

2. GE/SMV DST (prior to 2014, planar only – no SPECT is performed on this unit)

3. GE Discovery NM/CT 670c SPECT/CT (2011, 16 slice CT).


 1 PET/CT System


1. GE Discovery 600 PET/CT (~2009, 16 slice CT) with respiratory gating capability.


Image processing workstations include:

1. GE Xeleris Workstations (2 systems)

2. 3 MIM Software Workstations with advanced processing capabilities for oncologic and neurologic imaging.


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