Last Updated: February 04, 2020


In addition to the radiochemistry and cyclotron facilities, Dr. Goodman's research group occupies 1500 square feet consisting of one four-man laboratory and two two-man laboratories in the Emory Center for Systems Imaging in the Wesley Woods Health Center Building. The laboratories are fully equipped with standard facilities that include three Waters analytical HPLC units that are configured with UV/Vis, Bioscan Radiometric and Advion mass spec detectors, one GE Tracerlab FXN 2 unit, one CEM Discovery SP, one CEM PETwave, four Mettler electronic balances, seven rotary evaporators, one UV/Visible spectrophotometer, A Packard Cobra auto-gamma counter, one LabConco laminar flow hood for cell culture operations., two cell incubators for cell growth functions, one inverted microscope for cell counting, one portable cryogenic container for cell storage, 3 refrigerators, one freezer, three centrifuges, glassware, etc.


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