Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences - TMS Suite
Last Updated: January 28, 2020

TMS Suite: The TMS clinic is located on the ground floor of the Emory Brain Health Center. The suite consists of two spacious treatment rooms, designed for the simultaneous use of two TMS machines. Patients in both rooms can be observed from the Clinical Coordinators’ post. Televisions are installed in both rooms to keep the patient occupied during the 40 minutes of rTMS treatments as patients are required to remain awake throughout the treatment session. The suite is equipped with dedicated power supplies to meet the requirement of the TMS machines. The TMS clinic has installed the MagVenture TMS Device which is capable of doing both rTMS and theta burst treatments. The new Neuronavigation equipment will be installed shortly for greater precision with stimulation localization. The suite also uses the Cool-B65 A/P, butterfly (figure 8) coil with active cooling that can be used to administer rTMS treatment as well as operate as a sham/placebo coil. There is no difference in appearance between the active and placebo sides, thus allowing double blinding of research studies. There is also an adjustable output for current stimulation of the patient’s skin synchronously with the magnetic stimulation pulses.

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